Monday, November 29, 2010


He was the closest a close second could be without being first. Love this dog.


One of my favorites. Crabbed like an SOB, but never looked back. I didn't like him as a leader, but he was dynamite anywhere else. Wasn't a fan of other males, but that could have been easily trained out of him.

He was SUCH a good lookin' boy. He proportions were nearly perfect. He was a giant wuss though...and we all know how I feel about that. He was great in every other way, so I let him get away with it. Honestly, a very sweet boy. One of the group who, if offered, I would have accepted without a second thought.

(MontanaXMaybe. Litter mate to Dotty, Kona, Wolfy.)

inspector gadget

And no, I didn't just post pictures of the same dog. This handsome fellow is Gadget. To the untrained eye, he and Ratchet are identical.

Gadget was just about the most fun dog on the ice. I mean, I loved Dotty and all, but working with Gadget always made my day better! He had this zest and smile that pulled everyone in. Unlike his brother and father, Gadget didn't have a mean bone in his body. I never pushed him with other males, but he never, not even once, went out of his way with a sideways glance or growl towards anyone.

He was absolute hell in the chute, and I always ran him single....but that's just about his only flaw. Great eater, very social and SO loving. This boy gave better hugs than most humans I've ever been around.

He had a weird stomach issue that made him puke after almost every run (mostly due to the fact that he'd eat TONS of snow during hook-up), but it never actually bothered him.

If Gadget hasn't been considered as daddy material, I'd be shocked. Yeah, yeah, yeah....he doesn't lead like the rest of his family, but he's just as driven and has a better attitude to boot.


This guy was something else. His demeanor took a turn for the worse by the end of the summer, but I bet cold weather and hard work cleared that up. He was one of my favorite leaders for a while, but when all the girls came into heat, I stopped trusting him.

Ratchet was a fun boy. Between him and Gadget, I know I'll never work stronger dogs. He was an incredibly easy keeper. I don't think his feet even ever went bad. Food in the morning, a run during the day, some love at night.....and this guy would happily and selflessly work his life away.

(Out of CharlieXMarla. Brother to Gadget.)

somethin' sneaky

Helloooooo Teekona. Kona for short. She was adorable, but what a little bitch. Dotty and Wolfy got along with everyone, Kona and Denali were shy towards guests and had less than zero patience with dogs of the same sex. Those four came out of Montana and Maybe...more to come.

Kona was a hard worker, but I never trusted her. I lead her once....the first week of the summer. She pulled great, as long as there weren't any females around her. Yep, she's one of THOSE girls. She wasn't a great eater and was a pretty hard keeper, but she wasn't terrible.

When I got home, Star reminded me of her so much. I can honestly say, little Star face is a MUCH better dog! Kona is faster and stronger, but my Star baby leads and minds her own business!

The litter with Kona, Denali, Dotty(!), and Wolfy(!!) was raised in the house. They are very much loved and Jeff and his family did a great job with with everyone else. That whole team was generally very sweet and honest.

we're going to candy mountain....

This is Charlie. I'm in one of those reminiscing about Alaska moods, so I'm going to post a few good pictures and share a couple stories about some good dogs.

Charlie was an incredible leader, but turned into an untrustworthy pain in the ass by the end of the season. He got lazy and a little mean. He and Maybe caused the biggest (practically the only) fight I had all season. They were both grumpy old men, and I trusted them a little more than I should have.

I'm sure getting off the ice and back into the real world whipped this boy's head right back into shape. I doubt his home kennel put up with the glacier nonsense he was getting away with! Charles was such a goofy boy. He would always roll over to let me zinc and booty him. I can't 100% remember, but I think the cross of CharlieXMarla is where "da boyz" came from. I am 98% sure of this.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

They're at it again....

(Photo by Jess O. 2009)

I've been in touch with all my glacier geek friends and the new season is underway! I'm willing to be they've already done their first tour (or its at least fast-approaching)! I just wanted to send a shout out to them and wish them a great year! I am of course bummed that I couldn't make it back up there, but I've still got a few stories up my sleeve to share. I can't wait for updates on "my" team from last summer. Dotty is calling me!! I hear her! :-) When they share fun stories with me, I'll do a little write-up on here so that we can all remember the good ol glacier days.